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Digital Divide

May 9, 2010

Digital Divide – What is being accomplished to close the gap?

What is digital divide?

Digital divide is a term coined for the disparity between the “haves” and the “have-nots” in the technology revolution. Many have feared grave consequences for those unable to access the power of the Internet; however, recent reports suggest that this divide is narrowing, rather than expanding (National Telecommunications and Information Administration, 2000).

Who’s doing anything about this?

There are several organizations that are taking a stand on this issue of the digital divide.  However there is one organization, I will highlight called The Alliance for Digital Equality (ADE).

The Alliance for Digital Equality (ADE) is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization that serves to facilitate and ensure equal access to technology in underserved communities. ADE also serves as a bridge between policymakers and minority individuals in order to help the public understand how legislative and regulatory policies regarding new technologies can impact and empower their daily lives.

The Alliance for Digital Equality maintains that the key to expanding opportunities for all communities is through Digital Empowerment.  Since its founding, ADE has launched 9 Digital Empowerment Councils nationwide: Charleston, SC, Houston, TX, Detroit, MI, Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA and Chicago, IL, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, CA to examine the impact of broadband access on the local communities in the areas of civic participation, public health, public safety, urban and economic development, and education.

ADE’s goal is to educate Americans about the benefits of new broadband technologies and be a voice of underserved communities to raise awareness of the importance of new technologies regardless of socioeconomic status.

Last month, Actor Malik Yoba interviews Actor, Author, Activist, and Summit Moderator Hill Harper at the Alliance For Digital Equality’s 2010 Minority Broadband Empowerment Summit on the USC Campus in Los Angeles. ADE is working to empower communities across the digital divide and bring celebrities to join the cause.

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