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Fashion Meets Web 2.0: Interactive Marketing Behind the Runway

March 3, 2010

Below is my senior capstone proposal, please continue to follow me as this project unfolds.


As a result of the Internet, it has force every industry to reevaluate their marketing platform and expand it to higher heights.  It has been an extraordinary growth inside the fashion industry of social networking tools, especially twitter.  Social networking media has allowed the fashion industry to become more personal with their followers.  And followers have created a parasocial relationship with the designer and the brand.  Interactive websites are dramatically increasing over the Web, introducing users to an experience as they navigate through a site.  The downfall with interactive sites is either 1) the site was created for the user to participate with the interaction of the site and the navigation was too difficult or 2) the user completely missed the interaction part.  First, an interactive site needs to be a necessity for the target audience and must convey a user experience.  It must have a purpose and ultimately promote the brand of the site and initiate the user to venture to the site again and invite others to come and enjoy the experience as well.

In our society, mobile devices have become a staple.  Mobile applications are the current trend many companies are undertaking, making it easier for them to connect with their target audience.   Creating a website that is mobile friendly and pairing it with a mobile application so the user can readily have access to the company’s brand is huge marketing strategy.  So many industries are looking towards the future of interactivity in the mobile spectrum.

In this capstone project, I propose to showcase marketing within the Web 2.0 space by using social networking tools, an interactive website and mobile media as vehicles to promote the fashion industry.  My client is DRC, a revolutionary fashion line that stands on the platform of global Pan African social awareness throughout their designs.  In my research of fashion marketing, I will utilize various marketing strategies to increase the traffic to the DRC website which will generate strong following ultimately increasing sales.  I will measure the analytic of the site before and after the project has been launch to show if the marketing strategies executed will be a success.  I will employ the following marketing strategies:

  • Social Networking:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Blog
    • LinkedIn
  • Interactive Website:
    • Adding rich media such as video elements
    • Interactive map of the global issues
    • Online community for discussion forums
  • Mobile Media:
    • Compatible mobile site
    • Mobile application prototype
  • Email Marketing: Online Media Kit

Learning outcomes & Impact your project will make on this society

I intend to learn how to market a client by maximizing their online presence and exceeding their goals.  From a technical standpoint, I will understand CSS, Flash, email marketing, social network, search engine optimization, analytics and HTML which will give me the competitive advantage in classifying myself as an interactive professional in marketing and branding.  I believe this capstone project will shed light on any industry on the best way to capitalize on online marketing strategies.  Many companies are presently on social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter; however, don’t know how to apply the tool.  Some companies just have these social sites to say they have one but having a social networking site requires a continual dialogue with the user.  Even though we are in this high technology society, people still want interpersonal relationship.  Consumers want to feel a part of the brand and not the car salesman mentality.   This capstone will show the purpose and how to utilize social networking tools & to produce a user experience by creating a storytelling interactive site.  Hopefully, this capstone will be a model for Fortunate 500 to small business owners of the best way to take full advantage of the Web.

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