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Top 10 iphone apps for iMedia grads

October 9, 2009

Apple has so many applications for their iPhone and the amount of applications are continually growing.  The applications I have listed are apps I believe all iMedia grads would find useful and yet entertaining as well.

*Art Lite
Is Art Studies not exactly your thing?  Art Lite can provide you with detailed histories on various art subjects, including works of artists you are bound to encounter in school.

*iStudiez Pro
Another popular iPhone app, the iStudiez Pro is useful for keeping your schedule, class notes, tasks, homework, assignments, projects, and more.  You will never miss a deadline again with this app.

Albeit an unusual name, this app makes the list because it actually serves as a picture scout.  This is probably the simplest Twitter iPhone app of them all as it only permits you to twitter with your pictures.  Select a photo and inscribe the caption, then tweet it!  With this app, you are only able to post pictures and see pictures posted by other users in a cool slideshow view.  If you are searching for an all-inclusive Twitter app, this is not the application for you.

Skype isn’t exactly a straight business application, but because it is a convenient tool that helps people communicates easily, it is a great business iPhone app to have.

*Pandora, and AOL Radio
Pandora is the most highly regarded iPhone radio/music-related app, but there are other applications that can be just as useful. and AOL Radio are handy iPhone app versions of online radios.

Keep track of your spending habits using this app with a conveniently easy view of your total income and your expenses.  It actually makes keeping a budget pretty painless and very simple.  Also, since it is on your iPhone, you can add things right when you buy them.  This will help you keep the most accurate records possible.  Balancing your checkbook will now be a breeze with Budget.

This is not just an app that can give you movie times at the nearest cinema in your area.  It also tells you about weather forecasts, restaurants and traffic, which is all useful information to have on hand when you plan to go out for a movie and dinner afterwards.

*Indeed, BeamME, and
In this economic crunch, some of the most in demand search tools are—job search tools!  These three are all great job search tools for the iPhone.  You can also get the Craigster app for your iPhone for miscellaneous Craigslist searches!

*Soda Snap
Take pictures of the people and sites using your iPhone.  Then, use Soda Snap to transform selected pictures into wonderful instant postcards!  If you are a shutterbug, you will love this fun iPhone app.  It is a great way to let shutterbug friends drool over their fantastic personalized postcards made from original vacation snapshots.

*Drinks and Cocktails
This iPhone application is not exactly for the serious mixologist.  It can definitely provide some great ideas for cocktails as it randomly supplies drink recipes.  You can also enter which liquors and mixes you have on hand and it will suggest drinks that can be made!

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  1. andersj permalink
    October 13, 2009 5:28 am

    Kenya, because you provide useful specific details, you give value in your writing. Also remember to provide links to the interesting items you’re writing about and even embed related video pieces when they are relevant, because that adds even more value. Thanks for your good work!

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