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Daily Burn

September 25, 2009

I have been at this losing weight for awhile and hopefully this will be the year I will be successful and keep it off.  My biggest problem with losing weight has been keeping a journal of what I eat and logging it.  I start off good but then it goes downhill and I don’t continue. 


Well, I believe I found a solution (or a tool that will aid me) to eating healthier…Daily Burn, a new iPhone application that will allow you to log in your food journal on the phone.  But that’s not what makes this particular application stand apart from the rest, the uniqueness is the ability to scan the bar code on the package of food with the camera then you can place the item in the journal by selecting it, choose the serving size, and it will count the calories for you.  SWEET!!! 

This is a great benefit to use at the grocery store to make better and healthier options.  So I know you’re thinking, what if the food I’m eating doesn’t have a bar code to scan, well you’re not out of luck.  The application will allow you to type in the food and select it from the food database.

 Below, I have enclosed some neat facts about this application, if you’re a health nut or interested in losing weight try this application out…I am.  Also, I will give updates if the application is working for me, so please stay tune.  I feel that if I blog about it then I really have to be accountable for losing the weight.  Till next time….

This was pulled from, check it out for further information and to see the video.

1. DailyBurn’s FoodScanner is the first and only application that uses the iPhone’s camera to scan the UPC codes of foods and link them with full nutritional information (calories, macronutrients, etc.).

2. With a built-in database of more than 200,000 foods, it is the easiest way to accurately log what you eat during the day and keep an up-to-date calorie and nutrient count. All information is automatically synced with DailyBurn’s sophisticated workout and nutrition-tracking web application.

3. You don’t have to use the new 3GS with auto-focus. It works accurately on all iPhones using the most accurate scanning technology for iPhone – Occipital’s Red Laser.

4. You can also track natural foods (not processed) by searching by name or brand.


*Note pictures are from the

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  1. steveearley permalink
    September 25, 2009 7:11 pm

    Back in June, The New York Times had an interesting article on the 35th anniversary of the bar code. A circular design was among those originally considered:

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