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September 22, 2009

E-net! image (see caption if available)

The Executive Director of OneWebDay stated “— we believe that the values of the Web – openness, opportunity, and participation, to name just a few, will play a major role in how our global society solves its problems.  This is one of the reasons of the event to show how the Web has empowered, enhanced, and contributed to the human network.  In our iMedia class, each of us posted a YouTube video of how the internet has played important role in our lives or how the effects the internet has played in society (check out the link  On campus, there is an event every Tuesday called “College Coffee” where a continental breakfast is served while organizations inform and bring about awareness to the campus.  Today, the M.A. Interactive Media Class of 2010 made our mark on campus with OneWebDay.  We surveyed a number of students on various questions to see what knowledge they had about the internet.  The surveys were then calculated and several classmates told the audience if they were correct or not.  What I got out of the OneWebDay event and the purpose of it was to bring knowledge to the community of Elon University of the history of the Web but more importantly the awareness that there is still a digital divide in the world because everyone doesn’t have access to the Web, which we take some much for granted.  The Web was created to share information, collective ideas, and consciousness ultimately creating numerous of voices throughout.  If people are not allow this communicative tool then how will their voices be heard, how will their stories be shared amongst the rest of the world?  This is what the Interactive Media (iMedia) program purpose is to equip us with the necessary tools to use as a vehicle to tell stories whether it’s our own or someone else with the interactive world.

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