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Physical shopping vs. online shopping

September 21, 2009

With the Web becoming more and more interactivity, many of the day-to-day activities or task we use to do have changed. 

How many of you have cut down on actually going to the bank however handle our transactions online and ATM?  What about ordering food, do you call it in or go on the website?  How many still mail bills via the post office or do you handle your affairs online?  What about shopping, how many goes solely online to purchase items whether it is clothes, books, music, or the latest technology?

The presence of stores online have become trendier, accessible, convenient and excepted in the marketplace.  In our Groundswell salon discussion, a question was raised “do we prefer online stores solely?”  There have been futurist predictions that in the future there will be no physical stores and all trade exchanges transaction will be performed online.  In my opinion, I don’t mind shopping online especially unique, authentic stores that are not located in my area.  There are many benefits with shopping online such as:

  • shopping in the comfort of your home
  • not having to deal with traffic and the lengthy lines at the stores
  • sometimes online stores provide additional discount just for shopping online
  • having access to stores all over the world, just not on a local scale

But with every advantage there is a disadvantage which is taking out the experience you have when you shop.  Personally speaking, some of my most memorable moments have been the experience of shopping going with my friends and family and the people I have met going out in the stores.

I don’t believe it will get to the point where there will be no more physical stores and everything will be complete online because we are still human, we were created and designed to interact with each other.  We thrive off of intrapersonal communication. 

But who knows what the future may hold?

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