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Got experiment? … Google does

September 16, 2009

In this article it deals with an experiment of a Google product for a way to browse through news which will share advertising revenue with participating publishers.  This is a significant shift for Google.  This new product, Fast Flip, will cumulative content from 40 news organizations such as New York Times to Redbook, in screenshots that mimic flipping through a magazine.  This is a constructive resource for my research because it shows another source of revenue for publishers, another way to reach target audiences & creating new ones who may have not know about the this particular publication but have an interest in it.  This will slowly close the gap of what I don’t know that I don’t know with I didn’t know that but now that I do and have an interest let me research and follow up closely with this.  This is interactivity because it will personalize the person’s interests and only show those.  In some ways, this is similar to the MINE magazine; Time Warner Inc. did an experiment a couple of months ago customizing magazine to the reader’s interest.  Also, I would use this in my future research project to see if viewers, users, or members (however you define “audience’) are adapting to this new interactive component of personalizing reading interest.  Reminds me in many way of stepping on the door step of Web 3.0…maybe?

Of course, curiosity has struck and I venture to this new fast flip site.  I want to see if it was appealing, user friendly, or useful?  What are some of the interactive components, if it had any?  My review is the verdict is still out; the site is user friendly and achieves its ultimate goal which is to be a news browser for publications.  So far there are only 40 publications and yes they do appeal to me in some interest but publications especially magazines are specialize and the most common magazines I read on a continuous basis isn’t among the list.  Obviously, this is an experiment and I can see how this will be a useful product in finding creditable articles relate to one’s personal interest.  Was it appealing to me? In so ways, yes, however I enjoy the experience of tangible reading the magazine and physically turning the pages.

Check it out:

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