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Group discussion

September 15, 2009

Theories…theories…theories…and more theories.  Today, in class we broke up in discussion groups.  We define interactivity, another name for audience, redefine audience, and what are key legacy theories.  My group defines interactivity as a personal user experience giving the audience control and allows for passive or active participation via conversation, selection, navigation, feedback, etc.  There were some pretty interesting names for renaming the word “audience” such as users, participants, members, connections, target market groups, associates, shareholders, contributors, and partakers.  Our group redefines “audience” as engaged members of a given community participating in and shaping the members’ experience.  In the arena of communications, there are many theories, but since we are in the world of digital media some theories does not apply anymore or need to be updated.  Our group decided on key legacy theories that will always be around which are the following:  Uses & Gratifications – basic level of human needs; Symbolic Interaction theory – people interact on what meaning is associated with the symbol instead of the actual object, so people tact on their individual meaning to a symbol; Image-Perception theory – people are exposed to it on a constant basis, prominent in our everyday lives and it works; Propaganda theory & Persuasion theory.

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