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The future is already here…

September 12, 2009

The future is already here…it’s just unevenly distributed. This was a statement our professor made in class today. The technology world is creating various technology devices that can help society in many ways. However, when something is meant for good, someone else can use it for the bad. Going back to the statement of the future is here just unevenly distributed. Yes, that can mean not evenly distribute for financial limitations, many of these new advances are very costly. So only the wealthy are being exposed to this technology. However, I took this statement to mean not evenly distribute to be known amongst society. In class, I sat amazed at all the different technology devices that were being shown such as the following:
• Mobile projections you can fit inside your cell. The Pico Projector a mirco projector that can be built into a cell phone and beam a 46-inch HD visual to any surface, which already being sold in China.
• Cisco Telestra Holographic Telepresence which is a great way to deliver services to clients, cut down the cost on travel and bring people together around a virtual table
• The Panasonic digital wall which is an excellent device that can be used for email marketing
• Surface multitouch and gestural computing (Mircosoft Surfacing) a another way to interact with clients
All of these devices and more I knew nothing about and some of them have been out for a couple of years. So I agree with the statement, “the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed” because I wouldn’t have known anything about this technology if I wasn’t in the Interactive media program. It made me ask myself several questions such as: what other technical advances I know nothing about? How can I be in the know with the latest technology? How can I use some of the new devices to further my career in Interactive Media?

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