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Class Research Proposal

September 7, 2009

What is research?  What is gained from the researcher by devoting time into the study?  How will the research impact the future?  Will the reader find the researcher useful?  These are just a few questions the iMedia grad students will have to face and answer for the duration of the program.  Today in class everyone went around discussing in a two minute brief what their research proposal entails.  It was simply amazing seeing people’s faces light up or hearing the wheels turn as they presented what they are studying and how they want to execute the topic.  The research is not about getting a high pass in the class.  But this research will be the beginning of us framing our individual brand, a name for ourselves.  This will look very impressive to potential employers and clients.  Even though we are researching topics individually, we are now starting to find how some of our topics overlap with each and how we can draw from each other.  That’s what research is all about, collaboration.  Look back in history, the reason why the Internet was first created was for the scientists to contribute research with each other and build upon the subject matter.  This is where collaboration with one another in the program will drive and produce great experts in the field.  All of the research topics were significance to the future of interactivity in some form.  The one of the many research topics I could collaborate and share information with would be the future of books, since my topic is the future of magazines and interactivity.  After writing my proposal, it has given me a good foundational outline of my research.  Also in my research, I want to incorporate some of my own ideas of making the magazine industry more interactive online.  I would like to continue this research and integrate it with my capstone project which will go deeper in the direction of my career.

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  1. steveearley permalink
    September 8, 2009 5:55 am

    I agree. Everyone seemed enthusiastic about his or her topic. That was the first big hurdle: finding a topic you’re passionate about. That makes putting in all the work easier to take. Ideally, a lot of the time it won’t seem like work.

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